Selected Investments

Adiuva is currently invested in 12 portfolio companies which employ more than 5,000 people and generate annual sales in excess of EUR 650 million. Our portfolio companies are headquartered in the

DACH region, and some of their business activities have a global reach, including countries such as the USA, China, Japan, Russia, India, Brazil and Mexico.

Industrial Services (acquired in 2022)

Healthcare (acquired in 2019)

Industrial Services (acquired in 2016)

Consumer Goods (acquired in 2015)

Telecommunications (acquired in 2019)

Consumer Goods (acquired in 2020)

Health Care (sold in 2021)

Telecommunications (sold in 2019)

Telecommunications (sold in 2021)

Telecommunications (sold in 2019)

Consumer Goods (sold in 2019)

Business Services (sold in 2016)

Statements of our
entrepreneurs about us

``We chose to work with Adiuva, because they have a family business tradition and have shown to be very fair throughout the investment process. This was also confirmed in the very successful years that followed their initial investment. With their financial and management support, we built up a strong real estate division, opened many new homes and significantly increased our turnover and earnings. As a result, in 2017, advita was voted ‘Operator of the Year.’``
Dr. Matthias Faensen

Founder advita Pflegedienst

``With Adiuva, we have found an entrepreneurial partner with extensive experience in the fibre optics market. The team has offered us their pragmatic and flexible support in financing, acquisitions and the strategic development of our company.``
Felix Stiegeler

Founder & Managing Director Stiegeler Internet Services

``The Adiuva team is a great sparrings partner and enables us to have exchanges at eye level. They don't interfere in the day-to-day business operations but support the development of strategic framework parameters with their network and expertise.``
Dr. Achim Mayr

Advisory Board member and former Managing Director Lebensbaum

``The cooperation with Adiuva has been productive from the beginning, as we share the same values. For me, it was important to have a new shareholder who understands the company and doesn't only see itself as a typical financial investor.``
Ulrich Walter

Founder Lebensbaum


NTA Systemhaus GmbH &
Co. KG

Stiegeler Internet Service GmbH

Sanecum Gruppe

J.A. Woll-Handels GmbH

Lebensbaum Gruppe