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Becoming the leading outpatient care service

advita Pflegedienst GmbH offers innovative concepts for outpatient care, day care, serviced living, care in shared housing and intensive care. For those in need of care, the advita concept (advita-Haus) combines the security of care typical of an inpatient care facility with the flexibility and individuality of services, and the self-determination afforded by outpatient care.

Adiuva supported advita in the continuous refinement of this innovative and needs-oriented care concept, with the aim of developing advita into the market leader in assisted living. With the help of additional growth capital and the establishment of its own project development company, advita was able to bring its concept to numerous new locations.

Since Adiuva joined Advita in July 2014, the group has experienced very strong organic growth while tripling its turnover. During the seven-year investment period, more than 25 new advita homes were opened and around 1,400 new jobs created.

``During the seven years with Adiuva, we were more than partners, we became friends, and - this should not go unmentioned - we created value together by adding 26 advita homes to our offering of care and creating more than 1,400 jobs in the process.``
Mr. and Mrs. Faensen

Shareholders advita Pflegedienst GmbH

In September 2021 Adiuva and the investment company of Mr and Mrs Faensen (MMTF),  sold their shares in advita to the French DomusVi Group.

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