Broad investment approach

Adiuva Capital takes a broad investment approach and does not limit itself to specific industries. Our investors, advisory board members and investment managers have a successful track record of numerous investments in a wide range of industries. We carry on with that tradition.

Thanks to our inhouse expertise and our extensive network of industry experts we gain quick and comprehensive insights into a wide variety of industries and the respective business model, both during an investment review and after a completed transaction.


Typical investment scenarios

Growth financing

We support your growth strategy by providing growth capital tailored to your unique project as well as expertise and contacts. Possible growth scenarios can be, for example, the introduction of a new product line, expansion abroad or the takeover of a competitor as part of a consolidation strategy.

References: KONZMANN Gruppe, HWP Handwerkspartner, Stiegeler, Götel

Owners Buy-Out

Another typical investment solution is an owner’s buy-out in which the previous owner wishes to part with all or part of his shares. Here it is our priority to ensure the company’s continuity.

References: Lebensbaum Gruppe, Ascopharm Gruppe


In the context of a spin-off, companies divest subsidiaries that are in most cases no longer part of their core business. Under new management and with a financially strong partner at their side, these cases often unlock previously unimagined growth and profit potential.

References: J.A. Woll-Handels GmbH

Going Private

In some cases, going private can also be an appropriate means of sustainably increasing the value of the company. In particular, strategic measures with a medium to long-term focus can then be more easily implemented under a simplified ownership structure than in the context of a stock exchange listing, where decisions are often driven by a focus on quarterly financials.


Our main investment criteria

1 Equity

EUR 10 – 100 million equity per transaction, but exceptions can be made for smaller or larger investment cases

2 Investments

Majority and minority stakes (min. 25%) in cooperation with entrepreneurs and selected co-investors

3 Geographical focus

Geographically, our focus is on the DACH region, However, in the case of acquisitions by existing portfolio companies we have actively invested across Europe and even globally

4 Sector focus

All industries with some exceptions (e. g. military equipment, pure infrastructure assets)

5 Stage

Across companies’ life cycle, with the exception of start-ups and early-stage investments

6 Experience

Experienced, motivated leadership team and a proven and convincing business model

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Our portfolio

Adiuva Capital is currently invested in 12 portfolio companies