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Stiegeler Internet:
Financing the expansion of
fibre optics

Stiegeler Internet Service GmbH (“SIS”) has been building, leasing and operating fibre-optic communication networks and providing value-added services to residential and commercial customers since 2008. The company develops underserved regions (“broadband white spots”) with the aim of providing high-speed internet connections based on state-of-the-art fibre optics technology.

Since October 2018 Adiuva has since been supporting founder-manager Felix Stiegeler in the expansion of the fibreoptic infrastructure and the telecommunications business of SIS. Its recent acquisitions include HochRheinnet GmbH in 2019, oscon itk GmbH in 2020 and Telsakom GmbH in 2021 via corporate succession.

In addition to these acquisitions, Adiuva supports SIS in financing the roll-out of fibre optic networks throughout its coverage area.

``With Adiuva, we have found an entrepreneurial partner with extensive experience in the fibre optics market. The Adiuva team has offered us their pragmatic and flexible support in financing acquisitions and the strategic development of our company.``
Felix Stiegeler

Founder & Managing Director

Today, SIS offers fast internet, telecommunications and value-added services to over 30,000 households and businesses in southwestern Germany. With a broad network of experts and additional growth capital, Adiuva plays an essential and supportive role in further developing the company and managing its impressive growth.

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