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SOCO Network Solutions:
Fibreoptic expansion in rural regions

SOCO Network Solutions GmbH builds and operates fibreoptic networks as a regional provider of comprehensive telecommunications and value-added services for commercial and residential customers. The core of the Düren-based company is its own fibre optics network, on the basis of which SOCONet offers high-speed internet access to residential and commercial areas that were previously underserved or not served at all.

Adiuva invested in SOCONet in 2016 as part of growth financing and supported the company in accelerating the expansion of a nationwide fibre optics infrastructure in the region. During this time, the company’s customer base tripled.

``We had very ambitious growth plans, which we managed to successfully implement in cooperation with Adiuva. For me, the step of bringing Adiuva on board was undoubtedly the right one to take because of the partnership approach and the entrepreneurial understanding of the team. The fun didn't fall by the wayside either.``
Stephan Fuß

Managing Director SOCO Network Solutions GmbH

The company was acquired by Basalt Infrastructure Partners together with bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH in July 2019.

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