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Lebensbaum Group:
Supporting the growth story

Lebensbaum is a leading manufacturer and distributor of organic tea, coffee and spices. The products of the company, which is based in Diepholz and employs around 200 people, are mainly sold in the specialist organic food trade. Founded in 1979, Lebensbaum boasts a long-standing history as one of the pioneers of the German organic food sector.

Lebensbaum assures the quality of its products from their place of origin throughout the supply chain, ensuring that the industry’s highest standards and quality seals are met. Lebensbaum does not use flavour enhancers or artificial additives of any kind.

The synthesis of natural enjoyment, ecological foresight and social responsibility is a successful corporate concept for which Lebensbaum has received several awards including the Corporate Social Responsibility Award of the Federal Government of Germany and the German Sustainability Award.

``The cooperation with Adiuva has been productive from the beginning, as we share the same values. For me, it was important to have a new shareholder who understands the company and doesn't only see itself as an investor.``
Ulrich Walter

Company founder Lebensbaum Group

Adiuva assisted Lebensbaum in its entrepreneurial succession process and continues to support the company in its ongoing, successful growth story, both in the specialised natural food trade and in developing alternative distribution channels.

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