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bn:t Blatzheim Networks:
Fibre optics expansion in
rural regions

bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH was founded in Bonn in 1989. bn:t builds and operates fibreoptic networks as a regional provider of comprehensive telecommunications and value-added services for commercial and private customers. The company develops underserved areas (“broadband white spots”) with the aim of providing fast internet connections throughout its growing coverage area.

In September 2015, Adiuva invested in bn:t as part of growth financing and supported the entrepreneurs, Mr. and Mrs. Blatzheim, in the accelerated expansion of their own fibreoptic infrastructure and the expansion of their communications business.

Since then we managed to triple bn:t’s customer base.

``At the time, we chose Adiuva because we were looking for a partner for company growth who understood the language of medium-sized businesses. In addition to providing growth capital, Adiuva assisted us in setting up the necessary structures, among other things, and provided new incentives by way of a regular, uncomplicated exchange.``
Günther Blatzheim

Managing Director bn:t Blatzheim Networks

The company was acquired by Basalt Infrastructure Partners together with SOCO Network Solutions GmbH in July 2019.

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