Adiuva Capital announces successful sale of its holding in HWP Handwerkspartner

April 20, 2023

Adiuva is pleased to announce the successful sale of its majority holding in HWP Handwerkspartner (“HWP“), a leading German full-service provider of painting, restoration, and refurbishment services to Goldbeck Robens Industrial Partners (GRIP).

Founded in 2007, HWP is one of the leading national construction services companies in Germany, active in painting and decorating, building protection, and technical building equipment. As a full-service provider, HWP currently operates from 15 sites and with 25 operational units, focused on Germany’s large metropolitan areas, and Luxembourg. Over one thousand highly skilled craftsmen are serving clients across Germany as well as in neighboring countries including Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. HWP generates annual revenue in excess of 130 million Euros.

Adiuva Capital had been an entrepreneurial partner of HWP since the beginning of 2019. Since then, the group had almost tripled its revenue. “We are delighted that – after a truly transformative partnership with Adiuva – the founding shareholders have found the ideal strategic partner for the next growth phase” commented Hauke Lübben, Managing Director with Adiuva. Andre Ryschka, HWP’s CEO added: “We would like to thank Adiuva for our constructive four-year partnership, which enabled our company to develop and grow substantially.”

About Adiuva

Since its founding in 2011, Adiuva Capital has been supporting entrepreneurs in the German-speaking region to build and grow their businesses, has been financing sector consolidations, and has been organising succession solutions for the Mittelstand. Adiuva has raised over 800 million Euros since inception and is currently invested in 12 enterprises.

About Goldbeck

Goldbeck is considered the pioneer in design and construction with highly systemized processes along the entire building lifecycle, offering turn-key construction of logistics- and industrial facilities, office- and public buildings, parking garages and residential buildings. In addition to in-house construction, planning, and production, the largest construction company under German ownership also offers building-related services, revitalization of existing buildings, and recycling of end-of-life edifices. Renowned as technology leader, Goldbeck generates more than five billion Euros of output with 13 production sites, three system centers, the Goldbeck Foundation, and more than 10,000 employees at over 100 sites across Europe. This leading technological development and production expertise constitutes the ideal complement to HWP’s services. “HWP ideally fits this profile. The group has absorbed over 20 family businesses over the last 15 years, providing an innovative and lasting home to their employees and customers. Therefore HWP is a great fit with our private investment portfolio. We are delighted to contribute our personal experience and expertise to HWP” says Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck, managing partner at Goldbeck GmbH.

About Björn-Hendrik Robens

Björn-Hendrik Robens will lead the investment company, Goldbeck Robens Industrial Partners (GRIP) as managing partner with his leadership expertise and experience in the investment business. He will contribute his expertise to HWP: “Sustainable renovations and improving energy efficiency through implementation of state-of-the-art technology is of tremendous importance to meet the environmental objectives of politics and society. With HWP we can make a meaningful contribution to this change. Together with Andre Ryschka and his partners we are resolved to continue on HWP’s growth path and develop the group into the leading innovator in the crafts and services it delivers.”

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