Adiuva Capital
bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH

bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH („bn:t"), founded 1989 in Bonn, is a full-service telecommunications provider with its own broadband network. With over 20 highly experienced employees, bn:t offers a comprehensive suite of telecommunications services to private and business customers. The company develops fiber optic networks in rural and suburban areas that currently have no access to broadband internet services.
With its currently 180 kilometers of proprietary fiber optic network, bn:t continuously connects new areas, commercial and industrial sites and conurbations to the high speed internet. Bn:t provides high-speed broadband connections, based on both fiber optic or Vectoring-VDSL technology to areas that so far have no or only low-speed broadband coverage.
Adiuva invested in b:nt to support the company's growth and strategic development. b:nt is executing an ambitious program of expanding its fiber optic network infrastructure and telecommunications- and ancillary business. With our extensive industry network and patient growth capital, Adiuva is the ideal partner for strengthening b:nt's capability to capitalize on the broadband market opportunity.