Adiuva Capital
goetel Group

The goetel Group is a regional broadband communications provider headquartered in Göttingen. Adiuva acquired goetel GmbH, established in 1998, at the end of 2017 due to a corporate succession. Since then, Adiuva has supported the goetel Group in realising expansion plans and in further expanding its existing fiber-optic infrastructure.

In 2018, the goetel Group successfully acquired ACO Computertechnik (Kassel) and OR Network (Reiskirchen) as part of corporate succession initiatives.

Today, the goetel Group has around 100 employees and more than 14,000 customers in a service area of approximately 200,000 households.

With its broad network of experts and additional growth capital, Adiuva supports the goetel Group in exploiting the opportunities in the fiber-optic broadband market.