Adiuva Capital
About Adiuva Capital
Since 2011 we have supported mid-sized enterprises with capital to help them achieve their goals – this mandate derives from our name (lat. adiuvare: to help, aid, assist). Adiuva invests in mid-sized enterprises that are primarily based in the German-speaking region. We are fortunate to provide the entrepreneurial capital of our German investors to attractive growth companies on a long-term basis. By doing so, we are completely independent from any institutional interests. We are engaged in a broad variety of industries and able to realize a wide spectrum of transaction types. Adiuva manages assets of about EUR 300 Mio. and is currently invested in 13 mid-sized enterprises.
Adiuva Capital Philosophy
Our priority is to secure and expand the market position of our companies on a sustainable basis and, as a result of that, to achieve a long-term increase in their enterprise values. In all our dealings with business partners, we highly value honest communication and mutual respect. We only realize a transaction if the mid- and long-term interests of all parties involved – in particular entrepreneurs, management, employees and customers – can be aligned.
Adiuva Capital as a Partner
We are a young, experienced team of investment specialists who regard themselves as entrepreneurs. In all our activities, we do not take over any executive functions, but act as a strategic partner in the form of an advisory or supervisory board. We serve as a key contact to our companies, entrepreneurs and executives for a wide variety of topics.

for executives and other senior management: We assist you in developing your plans of a potential management buyout or buy-in and support you in the actual execution.

for entrepreneurs: We support you with growth capital and expertise to fulfill your entrepreneurial goals, be it an expansion abroad, the introduction of a new product line, or the implementation of an acquisition strategy. Furthermore, we can work with you on a potential succession planning. What distinguishes us:

  • We invest "entrepreneurial capital" - from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs
  • No institutional investors
  • Partnership-based collaboration with the entrepreneurs
  • Industry expertise and extensive network
  • Long-term perspective
  • Flexibility in structuring
  • Alignment of the transaction according to the requirements of the entrepreneurs

for industry experts:
If you have extensive industry experience and are looking for a new challenge, we would be pleased to get to know you. In a personal meeting, we can discuss a possible cooperation that may develop as part of a potential investment opportunity or through an existing portfolio company.

for intermediaries: You are an M&A advisor, tax advisor, auditor or lawyer and your clients are contemplating significant strategic changes such as succession issues or financing matters. We are open to meet and discuss those matters and to potentially work out a mutually beneficial cooperation.